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Ninêh is an elevated women’s contemporary brand that combines 'Slow Fashion' and ethical practices to connect the consumer to the maker. Our clothes are timeless and artfully crafted to accentuate a woman's strongest features


We celebrate the female body and the woman's desire to take on the world. The 'Ninêh' woman believes in beauty from within.  She wants to feel empowered through the clothes she wears and she wants to empower the women who makes them. These are the artisans and factory workers. They deserve to work in a safe a environment, get paid a living wage, have access to health care and education and have the support to be independent and self sufficient. 


Our commitment:

Ethical production and sustainable practices are embedded in everything we make. We support slow fashion by lifting the invisible shield that exists between the buyer and the maker. 

We follow responsible practices by complying with ethical standards, using sustainable materials and supporting the work of artisans and small family owned operations around the world. By working closely with non-profit organizations that support the hand-work economy in impoverished rural communities, we can make sure artisans are treated fairly, received health, education and are payed a living wage. 

Our founder:

After working in the fast fashion industry for 15 years and seeing first hand the damages created by the lack of humanity, visibility and huge amount of waste throughout the supply chain, Karenine Arraya has decided to take her knowledge and expertise and start from scratch again. This time her goal was to create a collection of timeless pieces using sustainable materials and going straight to the source to document and learn about every step necessary to build an ethical fashion brand. 

"I created Ninêh because as a customer, I want to feel a connection to the source. I want to be educated about what I am putting on my body and at what human cost. We are not just about sustainability and high end design, but we are about dignity and respect. Thank you for following our story and making part of the Fashion Revolution by supporting slow fashion and helping craftsmanship stay alive."


Karenine Arraya

Designer and Founder 

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